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mouyis cohen attorneys commercial law


With a combined experience of close on 35 years in this practice area, we are well placed to advise on all aspects of commercial law. The dual qualifications of the majority of our attorneys in both Commerce and Law ensures that the advice dispensed is both practical and in compliance with the governing legal frame work. We have extensive experience in bringing parties together and assisting in the negotiation of a range of deals in a number of economic sectors and then ensuring that agreements are drawn that correctly record the desires of the parties and protect our client’s rights.


Being able to boast about awards bestowed on our attorneys from Universities and the then Law Society of the Northern Provinces in the field of the Law of Evidence and Litigation Techniques should give client’s comfort that when their matter is before a Court, arbitrator or any other adjudicator, their version of events will be clearly explained and the best possible case put forward for them. Be it in the High Courts, Magistrates Courts or any of the alternative dispute resolution forums that we regularly appear in, we take pride in always ensuring that clients are aware of the costs, risks and stress involved in litigation and allowing them the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether the case should be tried or not.

mouyis cohen attorneys specialists in litigation
mouyis cohen attorneys labour law


In a country notorious for its Draconian Labour Law regime, it is essential that sound advice is obtained at all stages of the employment life cycle. It is through ensuring that our client’s employment contracts, at all levels of employment, are sound and in assisting them throughout the disciplinary or retrenchment process that our track record in the CCMA and various Bargaining Councils as well as in the Labour Court is flawless. In representing employees we have achieved a number of multi-million Rand settlements and have often managed to resolve matters prior to formal steps having to be taken. Larger employers can rely on us to ensure that their rights are protected in all collective labour relation issues and where we strive to ensure that resolution is reached with as little disruption as possible.


In the tense environment of the Landlord/Tenant relationship we assist in acting for both property owners and lessees to ensure that harmony is maintained. We assist in drawing up both residential and commercial lease agreements that comply with all Legislative prescripts and have a well established method of ensuring that contractual obligations of all parties are complied with and, when not possible, that legal process that is swift and effective follows.

We have extensive experience in the Construction Environment and have advised on all of the well-known standard building agreements. We frequently represent clients, principal agents, builders and subcontractors when disputes arise both during and after the construction process and have relationships with various experts and consultants in  this specialised field.

mouyis cohen attorneys property and construction law
mouyis cohen attorneys Intellectual Property


In a time when data is considered to be the most valued commodity it is imperative that steps are taken to ensure that the invaluable intellectual property associated with same is protected. No matter if you are the author of a work, owner of a brand or inventor of an idea we, in alignment with colleagues who have specific scientific backgrounds, will ensure that the immense capital investment in building your intellectual asset base is not unlawfully eroded.


As travel becomes easier and international relationships better, immigration and citizenship issues are becoming more and more prevalent. Visas, permits, residency applications, determinations of status and the processes around these are but a small part of the services that we offer in this field. After years of building relationships with individuals who are prominent in this practice area we are able to achieve results for clients in this area when all seems hopeless.

mouyis cohen attorneys Immigration and citizenship law
mouyis cohen attorneys criminal law


Every person is entitled to a defence and no situation can be more harrowing then being falsely accused and/or incorrectly convicted of an offence. In the testing times of an arrest, bail application, trial, possible conviction and appeal it is essential that you have a team that not only understands the intricacies of running a criminal matter correctly but also one that has a proven track record based on ethical representation and impartiality. Our team is led by an attorney who obtained awards in the study of this field and is supported by the most prominent criminal law thinkers of our time.


The devotion of time to the consideration of what will happen to your estate on your passing, and the taking of sage advice in this regard, will lessen the burden of administration and ensure continuity for those that are left behind. It is the finer detail in the drawing up of a will or the creating of a trust, of which we are well versed, and the ensuring that those tasked with the administration of your deceased estate are suitably qualified to do so, that will bring the cost, time and emotion of winding up an estate.

mouyis cohen attorneys Last will and estates
mouyis cohen attorneys family law


To be successful in the practice of Family Law one needs to be empathetic to the emotion involved yet not let same cloud the objective advice being sought.  More than three decades of combined experience in this field ensures that clients involved in divorces and all issues relating to children and their care and maintenance can rest assured that they are in safe hands.


It is often said that Sports Law is nothing more than the law of contract in a glorified arena. Nothing could be further from the truth as unless you are advised by someone who understands the nuances of the world of professional sport and is accordingly able to understand and consider the intricacies of same when advising you, you will find yourself up against the ropes. Employing an attorney with International Professional Soccer caps and having represented players, coaches and clubs both internally and in matters relating to disputes with various governing bodies we continue to grow this area of our practice.

mouyis cohen attorneys Sports Law
mouyis cohen attorneys gambling law


In a heavy regulated and lucrative industry both license holder and punter need to ensure that an attorney with a sound understanding of the rules governing this activity and the ins and outs of betting is retained. We have extensive experience in assisting with applications and objections, punter disputes, and board hearings.